Pipedrive Configuration

  • Log into your admin session on Pipedrive

  • On the top right corner, go to Company settings and then to Single sign-on

  • In the SAML configuration for Pipedrive section, enter the following parameters:

    • Issuer:

    • Single Sign On (URL):

    • X.509 certificate:

  • Once you’re done, click on Save and test

  • If the SSO connection fails and all the fields were correctly completed, change the URL from https://daomain-name.pipedrive.com/settings/sso?success=0 to htpps://daomain-name.pipedrive.com/settings/sso?success=1

  • Click on Enable SSO/SAML for users

Trustelem Configuration

  • Still on Pipedrive, in the SAML configuration for your Identity Provider (IDP) section, copy the Single Sign On (SSO) url

  • On Trustelem, cut the link in the Single Sign On URL field