Moodle uses plugins to manage OpenID Connect authentication.

Download and Install

  • Download the plugin here.

  • To install the plugin, follow instructions in the file in the root folder of the archive.

  • After installation, ensure the plugin files have the correct permissions :


  • To configure the plugin, from the Moodle Administration block, go to “Site Administration > Plugins > Authentication > Manage Authentication”

  • Click the icon to enable the plugin, then visit the settings page to configure the plugin

  • Fill the following fields:

  • We recommend to activate the following option:

    • Force redirect. You can use the “?noredirect=1” URL param if your configuration is not working
  • Setup Trustelem with the following parameters:

    • Your Moodle server URL
    • Login URL: the application’s URL starting the OIDC flow. It is used as a target to the application on the Trustelemuser’s dashboard. The URL may be : https://yourmoodledomain/

Configuration optionelle

  • Vous pouvez ajouter le code suivant dans la fonction setClaims de la section “Paramétrage des attributs” de l’application trustelem pour utiliser l’email de l’utilisateur à la place de son identifiant dans le champ username de l’application Moodle.