ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Configuration

  • Log into your admin session on ControlWise Control

  • Go on the Administration panel, then go in Security and Enable SAML

  • Click on Configure and fill the following fields:

    • IdentityProviderMetadataUrl

    • UserNameAttributeKey

    • UserDisplayNameAttributeKey

    • EmailAttributeKey

    • RoleNamesAttributeKey

    • DisplayName

      • The value writen here will complete the Connect with displayed on the ConnectWise authentication page

Trustelem Configuration

  • Click on Save Configuration and then on Generate Metadata

  • In the metadate, on the first line, copy the link located in entityID=" "

  • On Trustelem, cut the link in the EntityID field

  • Fill the Roles fields with one or several roles separated by commas; these roles with be applied by default to all users

  • You can overload the roles with the Advanced setting’s script, for example:

      function CustomSAMLResponse(msg: SAMLResponse, user: User, groups: Groups, deny: Deny): void {
          for (const cust_group in groups) {
          if (cust_group === "admin") {
              msg.addAttr("role", "Control Administrator");