Trustelem Cloud SSO Solution

A performant Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solution fully integrated with your IT.

Simplified User Experience

Once authenticated, the user is provided with a dashboard where all his applications are available. He does not need to authenticate on applications anymore.

User dashboard of Trustelem IDaaS Cloud SSO.

Easy Administration

The administrator centrally manages authentication for the federated applications using a simple and complete dashboard. The following screenshot illustrates how access control rules are defined.

Administrative console of Trustelem IDaaS Cloud SSO

Primary authentication factors

  • Windows Integrated Authentication (Kerberos)
  • Directory password
  • Trustelem Password

Secondary authentication factors

  • SMS sent to user's GSM phone
  • Google Authenticator mobile app
  • FIDO U2F devices
  • inWebo Authenticator mobile app

Active Directory Connector

Directory passwords and Kerberos tokens are never stored by Trustelem: they are transmitted securely over HTTPS and validated in real time against your Active Directory.

Communication between Trustelem and your domain controllers is handled by lightweight, on-premise connectors that initiate high availability outbound HTTPS connections (no firewall configuration is required) and support redundancy and failover.

No second factor yet?

  • NEOWAVE Keydo keys. We offer special conditions to our clients for the provisioning of NEOWAVE Keydo devices. They are FIDO U2F certified, easy to use, robust and they embed a highly-secured, CC-EAL5+ certified component.
  • inWebo Authenticator. Fully integrated with Trustelem, inWebo Authenticator is an easy to use and strongly secured software token on smartphone. InWebo Authenticator received the ANSSI/CSPN certification.

Thousands of compatible applications, including...

And all other applications supporting SAML or OpenID Connect.

Interested in a particular application ? Tell us !

Trustelem integrates its solution for you.

We conduct the migration project, either remotely or on-site. We analyze your architecture, plan the deployment, connect your directories if needed, setup applications, provide you with internal communication templates and operate long term support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is a highly secured service.

All cloud-based applications come with their own authentication systems. But these systems are not the main focus of the corresponding applications, and they bring their own vulnerabilities. On the other side, your IT staff manages and operates with care the various user identities and passwords, but also performs thousands of other tasks in order to run your information system. Setting up and maintaining every individual authentication systems is a complex, time-consuming and error-prone activity.

Conversely, protecting your accesses is our only job. Our operational processes are simple, we know them very well. Our software is modern and under control. It relies on state-of-the-art software technologies and has been primarily designed for guaranteeing a high degree of security and availability. Our software is primarily written in a robust language (Go), whose crypto and networking libraries benefit from years of experience of some of the most talented engineers in these fields.

Our infrastructure is hosted by widely recognized security specialists, CerberHost, in Tier-III datacenters, with an extremely high level of awareness.

Trustelem is easier to setup and operate than traditional SSO solutions. Indeed, integrating applications in a traditional SSO requires a strong expertise. This jobs is usually performed by external consulting or integration service providers, and sometimes performed by internal staff. Reciprocally, Trustelem natively integrates Google for Work, Salesforce, Dropbox, Office 365, YoolinkPro, Jamespot, and many other applications, with no special authentication skills required nor local infrastructure to deploy and maintain.

More generally, we work with your IT staff, at no extra charge, during your initial setup and beyond. We provide a support in French and English, by phone and e-mail, so as to integrate your cloud applications. Professional services for integrating your internal, on-premise applications, are also available.

In short, our clients select us for the ease of implementation of Trustelem, our cost-effectiveness and the engagement and reactivity of our support.

Yes, if you wish to stop using Trustelem, there is a simple way out. You can either choose to authenticate users with plain old passwords or opt for another identity provider.