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Improve the security of these applications by linking them to your Active Directory servers and protecting them by multi-factor authentication.

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Since 2005, Jamespot provides a cloud-based corporate social network. The solution enables to manage organizations collaboratively, speedup processes and streamline communication of companies, non-profit organizations and public sector agencies.

You Don’t Need a CRM is an online solution for business prospection. It focuses on leads, simplifies data collection, and frees up time for the business developer so as to focus on his relevent activity: setup deals.

YoolinkPro is a leading platform in the field of online collaboration. Acclaimed for its ease of use, the solution enables to setup a corporate social network, liven up an extranet franchised network or boost project-base team collaboration.

Blue note systems is a consulting and services company specialized in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Official partner of SugarCRM, Blue note systems offers cloud-based CRM solutions covering all the needs of customer relationship management and provides business modules (Consulting, Education, Retail, Event industry, Corporate services, Real Estate, Industry, Transportation, Health ...).

BoondManager is a business and project management solution fully dedicated to IT consulting companies and software engineering companies. It fosters the management of all activities and particularly commercial, HR et administrative activities in a single, all-in-one application.

Jalios provides a coherent range of modular solutions with next-generation features: Enterprise Social Network (ESN), collaborative spaces, customized portal, Electronic Document Management (EDM) and Content Management System (CMS). is a SaaS solution providing status pages that present availabililty data of web applications and sites. Support teams input scheduled maintenance, incidents and other relevant information on StatusHub interface. This information is presented on a public on SAML-protected page.

CI-BOOK is a web-to-print software that supports you in the consistent implementation of Corporate Design projects like business cards, brochures, advertisements, company magazines or catalogues. It provides your partners with a tool they can use at any time and without design know-how, to create marketing documents quickly, simply and above all, error-free and conforming to the Style Guide.

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