Improve IT security and user experience with
Trustelem IDaaS solutions

Get rid of application-specific passwords.

Users won't have to sign-in again and again.

No sticky notes, no storage in plain old files, no password sharing.

Changes to access rights implement immediately.

productivity and security
to end users

  • No more application-specific passwords to handle securely
  • Seamless user experience and access across all devices
  • No more time lost through signing-in to every app
  • ID theft blocked

30-day trial

Designed for IT staff efficiency

  • Easy and powerful access management
  • Easy integration of SaaS applications
  • Flexible integration of internal applications
  • Easy-to-use MFA - secure and simply managed
  • Self-Service password recovery

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Optimizing corporate risk

  • ID theft and phishing attacks blocked
  • Counter theft of corporate information by outgoing employees
  • Low risk: no infrastructure costs, no lock-in, per-user pricing
  • 100% European: business, product, hosting and operations

30-day trial


Trustelem is designed for simplicity of administration, both in build and run phases.


Security is at the heart of Trustelem's infrastructure, software and operations. Read more about Trustelem security.


The Trustelem business is 100% owned, developed, hosted and operated in Europe.


Beyond its attractive pricing, deployment of Trustelem in your company generates substantial cost savings.

Business Cases

Almavia: a 120-people IT service company

Almavia is an IT service company specialized in CRM and Contact Center integration, partnering with key software editors of these market segments.


Trustelem protected candidate in 2017 French presidential runoff

After the 2017 presidential election campaign, it appears clearly that fears of cyberattacks aiming at political manipulation where justified [...] (in French)


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